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In today’s age of technological advent, having great knowledge about programming always comes in handy. With the current industrial uprising, the shortage of qualified developers is also increasing, making web development an important skill to have. Whether you are new to coding or have some prior experience, this web development training program is going to make you explore multiple fields and build your skills in the field of web development.

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Course Overview

Our training program on web development is carefully curated to introduce you to HTML5 and CSS3, to help you create some of the most interactive web designs. As you start building your skills in this field, you will be learning how to develop high-quality sites for all kinds of devices and accessible on all screens.

With our web development program, we help you build your portfolio as a web developer and make you contribute to projects that demonstrate your creative abilities as a developer and utilize the right kinds of tools to build these projects.

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Course Content

Writing HTML code using Header Tags, Paragraphs, Ordered and Unordered lists, Forms, Links, Tables, Iframes, Images, Text Formatting, Image Maps

Creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and how to deploy a static website to AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

Encoding URL

Handling of multiple file upload using multiple attribute

HTML5 Local Storage

HTML5 web workers and server sent events

Introduction to XHTML, Using HTML5 introduced features

HTML5 form validate/no validate, HTML5 canvas, embedding audio and video in a webpage, drag and drop

Styling of HTML elements-text, links, lists and tables

Creating Navigation Bars

Writing Media Rules, hide visibility of an element

Different ways to write CSS, e.g. external, internal, inline

CSS Image Sprites and Gradients

CSS Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements

CSS3 Text Effects using different text fonts

Applying animations, transitions to HTML elements

Creating 2D and 3D transformations

CSS3 resize UI and multiple columns feature

Java Script datatypes, variables, arrays

Defining and calling JavaScript functions on events

Creating loops and writing if-else decision-making statements

Manipulating DOM elements

Getting started with Twitter Bootstrap 3

Using Font Awesome Icons

Bootstrap features like fixed dropdown menu, carousel, text and image grids, custom thumbnails, bootstrap modal

Building a real-world website using Twitter Bootstrap 3 features e.g. bootstrap fixed dropdown menu, carousel, bootstrap modal, font awesome icons, custom thumbnails, text and image grids

Accordions, signing/signup form and jumbotron

Bootstrap Scroll Spy

Creating a Countdown timer using jQuery timer API

Using jQuery UI components e.g. Date picker into your HTML pages

AJAX XML Http Request object, making an AJAX call and retrieving the response.

Working with Google APIs Adding social plugins on your web page provided by LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and Twitter

What is Node.js?

Why Node.js?

Installing NodeJS

Node in-built packages (buffer, fs, http, os, path, util, url)

Node.js Modules

Import your own Package

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Local and Global Packages

Push code to GitHub

Installation of Node.js and Visual Studio Code

Installation of GIT and push codes to GIT repository

Get Input from Users

Pass Multiple Arguments with Yargs

File System Module

Operations associated with File System Module


Http Server and Client

Sending and receiving events with EventEmitters

Express Framework

Run a Web Server using Express Framework


Deploy application using PM2 and Nginx

Build an API using express, read file with FS module, and deploy application using PM2 and Nginx

Introduction to NoSQL Databases and MongoDB

Installation of MongoDB on Windows

Installation of Database GUI Viewer

Inserting Documents

Querying, Updating and Deleting Documents

Connect MongoDB and Node.js Application

Exploring SendGrid

Sending emails through Node.js application using SendGrid

ES6 variables

Functions with ES6

Import and Export withES6


Introduction to Babel

Rest API with ES6

Browsing HTTP Requests with Fetch

Processing Query String

Creating API using ES6


Building Dashboard API

Creating dashboard UI with EJS

ES6 Aside: Default Function Parameters

Data Validation and Sanitization

Why Microservices?

What is Microservices?

Why Docker?

What is Docker?

Terminologies in Docker

Child Processes

Types of child process

Understanding Base Concepts of Database

Types of NoSQL Database, and NoSQ vs. SQL Comparison, ACID & Base Property

Overview of MongoDB, Design Goals for MongoDB Server and Database, MongoDB Tools

How to modularize code by separating routes

Installation/Running MongoDB on various platforms Windows, Linux, MAC OS, etc.

Project: Problem Statement.

Database Categories, What is NoSQL?

Why NoSQL? Benefit over RDBMS, CAP Theorem, and Implementing NoSQL, What is MongoDB?

Depth Understanding of Database, Collection, Documents and Key /Values etc.

Introduction to JSON and BSON Documents

Environment Setup (Live Hands on), Usage of various MongoDB Tools available with MongoDB Package

Data Modelling Concepts

Type of Data Modelling

Data Model Examples and Patterns

Model Tree Structures

Model Relationships between Documents

Use Case of Data modelling

Type of Data Modelling

Analogy between RDBMS & MongoDB Data Model, MongoDB Data Model (Embedding & Linking)

Challenges for Data Modelling in MongoDB

Model Specific Application Contexts

Introduction to Replication

What is Replica Set and Master Slave Replication?

Introduction to Sharding

Concepts around Sharding, What is shards, Key

How to setup a Sharding

Concepts around Replication

Type of Replication in MongoDB

How to setup a replicated cluster Managing Replica Sets etc.

Confg Server, Query Router etc.?

Type of Sharding (Hash Based, Range Based etc.), and Managing Shards

Security Introduction

Security Tutorial

Integration of MongoDB with Pentaho

Integration of MongoDB with Java

Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo

Security Concepts

Integration of MongoDB with Jaspersof

Integration of MongoDB with Hadoop/Hive

Project on MongoDB and Java





The completion of this training program would equip you with the right resources and introduce you to some of the best opportunities in the field of web development. With designations such as software engineer, full-stack Python Application Development, Front and Back End Developer, Web Application Developer, etc, you’d never run out of options.

If you are interested in working on projects that require you to build web elements from scratch and infuse your creativity at the same time, web development is the best option for you. Web developers are in huge demand because of the fact that every business is going online to reach more audiences, making you the epitome of making it successful for them.

This course is completely online, making it easier for you to access it from any device. All the learning material we have is provided through all our channels which is accessible via your desktop or mobile devices as well.

Not just Web Development, but every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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