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UI/UX are the two core fundamentals of enhancing user retention for a website. Businesses take their UI/UX very seriously, which makes it very ideal for you to establish yourself in this field and start building a career. With our training program, we will prepare you in the fields of UI/UX and help you work confidently on projects for yourself and your clients.

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Course Overview

Upskillz’s UI/UX design training program is focused on enhancing your creative abilities. Our program is crafted to work on areas such as design, practicality, and a better understanding of the tools required to become proficient in this field.

In this training program, we will be demonstrating all the stages of the UI/UX development process and helping you learn the current best conventions in UX design to help you create compelling experiences on the web. The knowledge and experience from this field is something that has many applications and the potential to have an everlasting future.

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Course Content

Creating a new file

Setting up artboards

Creating colored backgrounds for text

Importing & Cropping Photos

Importing a photo as an image fill (crop a photo)

Rounding corners

Importing & modifying vector graphics

Aligning & distributing layers

Layer opacity vs. fill opacity

Reusing colors (color swatches)

Adding a drop shadow

Creating & Editing Character Styles

Creating a Repeat Grid

Customizing the content

Adjusting the design

Creating & editing components

Overriding content in one instance vs. globally updating all components

Detaching from a component

Components versus Repeat Grids

Linking between artboards

Previewing the prototype

Creating an overlay

Background blur

Fixing the position of elements so they don’t scroll

Making a recording of a prototype

Exporting individual assets

Exporting artboards

Sharing an XD file

Commenting on shared files

Pinning a comment

Updating an existing shared file

Sharing for Development

Creating a Stack & Adjusting the Spacing

Rearranging & Adding Items to a Stack

Responsive Resize, Stacks, & Padding

Keystrokes for Working with Stacks & Padding

Nesting Stacks (Stacks Within Stacks)

Making Links that Scroll Up/Down a Page

Making the Navbar Fixed to the Screen

Adjusting the Position & Speed of the Scroll

Creating a Scrollable Area Within a Page





While your computers are just a medium, design is a creative process. And if you perfectly know how to channel creativity, this course is for you. We have developed this program in such a way where we bring life to your creations and help you build something that you are proud of. The best part - It’s very beginner-friendly and could be opted for by anybody.

We would be working on platforms such as Figma where we will exactly create designs as per the instructions of our demo projects. Since industries use Figma for designing purposes, we would also be taking advantage of the same. At the same time, we would also be using other applications so as to diversify our expertise.

Our course on UI/UX Design is built for beginners that are still undergrads and want to learn to design. It is also one of the best courses to start your freelancing journey.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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