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If trading is what makes you passionate, our training program on the same is going to help you learn how to become a successful trader. As a part of our course, we would be featuring learning chapters that build upon each other.

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Course Overview

Being one of the latest additions to the stock market training resources, our stock market training program walks you through the fundamentals of stock trading and financial planning. It is a perfect blend of fundamental analysis of stocks with a comprehensive understanding of the markets.

With this course, we aim to help you build the required theoretical and practical know-how of applying your knowledge in researching equity markets and wealth creation.

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Course Content


Can you make money in Stocks? A BIG YES.

Are Stocks Risky? What's the worst case scenario

The 2 Ways Investors Make Money in Stocks

Investing vs. Trading vs. Gambling

What Is A Stock Really

Where Do Stocks Fit In A Diversified Portfolio

Sample Portfolio Allocation based on historical Risks & Returns

Diversification Inside the Stock Company

Size: Large, Mid, and Small Cap Stocks

Style: Growth Stocks

Style: Dividend (Income Stocks)

Style: Value Stocks

Stock Sectors

Introduction To Measuring Risk

Pair Stock Risk With Your Own Personal View Of Risk

Standard Deviation

Sharpe Ratio




Broader Risk Categories: Systemic And Un-Systemic Risk​

Screencast: Looking Up Stock Risk Measures

Screencast: Looking Up Mutual Fund And ETF Risk Measures

Individual Stocks: Benefits, Building a Portfolio, How Many, and Strategy

Understanding Stock Mutual Funds

Active vs. Index Stock Mutual Funds

ETF: Exchange Traded Funds

Using The Mutual Fund Style Box To Select Funds

Understanding Mutual Fund Expenses

Let's Compare Some Mutual Funds Expenses Demo With Real Funds

Two Investing Extremes

Investing In Growth Stocks

Investing In Dividend Income Stocks

Investing In Value Stocks

Value Investing Example Case Study

GARP: Growth At A Reasonable Price

Technical Analysis & Charting

Dogs Of The Dow

Dividend Aristocrats


Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Key Financial Ratios when buying stocks

Stock Ratio Categories

Valuation: Price Earning (P/E)

Valuation: Price To Earnings Growth (PEG)

Valuation: Price To Sales (P/S)

Valuation: Price To Book (P/B)

Valuation: Dividend Yield

Valuation: Dividend Payout

Profitability: Return On Assets (ROA)

Profitability: Return On Equity (ROE)

Profitability: Profit Margin

Liquidity: Current And Quick Ratio

Debt: Debt To Equity

Debt: Interest Coverage

Efficiency: Asset Turnover

Efficiency: Inventory Turnover

Analyzing Ratio Demo With Real Companies

Introduction To Stock Screeners That You Can Use For Free

Basic Screener With Preset Screens (Yahoo Finance)​

Creating A Custom Screen (Yahoo Finance)​

Using A More Powerful Screener (Finviz)​

Accessing Any Market In The World With A Global Screener (

Finding A Stock Screener In Your Country (Search)​

Using A Stock Screener For Technical Analysis (Trading View)

Demonstration: Let's Buy A Dividend Stock

Demonstration: Let's Buy A Value Stock

Demonstration: Let's Buy A Growth Stock

Understanding Technical Analysis And Fundamental Investing

Technical Analysis Introduction And Big Idea

Technical Analysis Core Concepts

Technical Analysis And Unpredictable Events Example

How I Learned About Brexit: An Investing Story

Line Charts

Candlestick Charts

Drawing Trend Lines And Channels

Moving Average: Simple And Weighted

Chart Patterns: Rectangles

Chart Patterns: Triangles

Chart Patterns: Flags

Chart Pattern: Head And Shoulders

Chart Pattern: Cup With Handle

Technical Analysis Final Thoughts

Introduction of the Various Methods to Actually buy a Stock

Full Service Stock Brokers

Discount (Online) Stock Brokers

Financial Planners

Robo-Advisors: Using Online Automation To Reduce Investor Fees And Time

Robo-Advisor Case Study: Wealthfront

Robo-Advisor Case Study: Betterment

Direct Through Mutual Funds and ETF: Exchange Traded Funds

DRIP: Dividend Reinvestment Programs

Buying & Selling Order Types

Introduction To The Going Public Section

IPO: Initial Public Offering

IPO Case Study (Facebook)

Direct Listing Placement (DLP)

What Is A SPAC?

Why Is A SPAC Known As A Blank Check Company?

How Are SPAC's Created

Preferred Stock

Stock Splits

Stock Buybacks (Repurchases)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Why Does My Stock Go Down On Good News?

Emotional Or Behavioral Investing

Not What You Make But What You Keep. Taxes And Fees Impact.

Strategies To Reduce or Manage Tax Impact

Harvesting Your Losses: Excellent Tax Strategy Most People Miss Out On

Assignment - 1

Assignment - 2

Assignment - 3






You don’t exactly need any specific skills to start learning about the stock market. This course is beginner-friendly and you can right away start learning with our course.

If trading, investments, and long-term financial goals interest you, this course is meant for you. With this course, you learn the fundamentals of the stock market and learn about the principles of trading and investing to help you make informed decisions with your money.

Every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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