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Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing technology fields globally, and building a career in this field requires extreme precision and carefulness in choosing the learning resources. At Upskillz, we are providing just that.

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Course Overview

Explore one of the most comprehensive Machine Learning Online Training Program and build your skills in this field. With professional mentors and industry-experienced instructors, we have carefully curated this program to help you build a career in this field.

Our Machine Learning training program we have curated for you is an ideal way for you to start your data science career. From theoretical approaches to practical implications, we have made sure to make you explore all the fundamentals of Machine Learning in this program.

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Course Content

-Data preprocessing in python

-preprocessing in R

- Simple linear Regression

- Multiple linear Regression

- Polynomial Regression

- Support Vector Regression

- Decision Tree Regression

- Random Forest Regression

- Evaluating Regression Models Performance

- Regression Model Selection in python

- Regression Model Selection in R

- Logistic Regression

- K-nearest Neighbors (K-NN)

- Support Vector Machine (SVM)

- Kernel SVM

- Navies Bayes

- Decision Tree Classification

- Random Forest Classification

- Evaluating Classification Models Performance

Learn Pandas, a very popular python library used for data analysis.

- K-means clustering

- Hierarchical clustering

Learn how to write ML algorithms and write codes to make programs more intelligent.

- Upper Confidence Bound ( UCB )

- Thompson Sampling

- Artificial Neural Networks

- Convolutional Neural Networks

- Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

- Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)

- Kernel PCA

- Model Selection

- XGBoost





We have curated our Machine Learning training program in such a way that it harbors your learning even after the completion of the course. Choosing our ML training program helps you learn some of the most important concepts from the best kinds of instructors and help you explore relevant opportunities in the same field post the course.

While our program is really beginner-friendly as well, we always suggest some prior knowledge is important to build your skills in this field. We suggest getting started with data structures, algorithms, and having basic knowledge about Python or other languages. We also have tons of resources for you to refer to in order to get the basics covered, such as our blogs.

Every course that we have on our platform, we provide relevant certificates of completion with them. These certificates are authorized by relevant and top institutions and are issued only after an evaluation of your knowledge after you complete the course.

Not just Machine Learning, but every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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