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As you want to build a career in genetic engineering, you have to start by understanding the fundamentals of biology and biological research. Our course is designed to help you master the most important concepts of genetic engineering and introduce you to the conventional methods to build your expertise in the field.

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Course Overview

With DNA, there are hundreds of questions that have a very interesting theory behind them.

Our course on genetic engineering is built to help you learn about the practical techniques that scientists use to analyze their genetic risks, manipulate the DNA codes, and devise/develop new treatments for a variety of diseases.

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Course Content

Introduction to Genetics

Basics concept of Genetics

Structure of DNA and RNA, Nucleotide, Sugar and Phosphate

Complimentary Base Pairing and Antiparallel Strands present in DNA

Learn about the Mendelian law of Inheritance

Why he chose Pea plants for his Experiments

we will study about Monohybrid cross and Dihybrid cross

Problems to solve on Monohybrid and Dihybrid cross

Incomplete Dominance with an example

Different Types of Gene Interaction like Epistasis, Multiple Allelism with example and Polygenic Inheritance

Students can solve Problem on Multiple Allelism

Sex determination in plants and animals

Heterogametic Male and its types

Heterogametic Female and its types with an Example

Crossing over and its mechanism

Complete linkage and in complete linkage seen in Drosophila and maize

Coupling and repulsion hypothesis on Linkage

Morgan view on linkage

Structural changes seen in chromosome like Deletion, Inversion, Duplication, Translocation and Tandem duplication

Numerical changes seen in chromosome related to Autopolyploid and Allopolyploid

we will study in detail about Autopolyploid and allopolyploid with an example of New World Cotton Plant

Maternal Inheritance or Cytoplasmic Inheritance

Maternal Inheritance seen in Mirabilis jalapa

Petite characters in yeast

Kappa Particles in Paramecium

Mutation and Mutagens

Physical, Chemical and Biological Mutagens

Point mutation and Frame shift mutation

Gene mutation like Transition, Transversion and Tautomerisms

Different types of Syndromes like turners, Down, Cri du chat and Klinefelter's Syndrome



Protein Synthesis


Natural Selection

Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering & Gene therapy

Endocrine System

Assignments - 1

Assignments - 2

Assignments - 3






Basic knowledge of chemistry or physics is sufficient for you to start with this course.

Our nanotechnology course is designed to walk you through concepts such as design, fabrication, and analysis. You will also be learning the basics of modern nanotechnology from the standpoint of semiconductor physics and quantum mechanics.

Our projects are updated, relevant, and consist of real-world problems, making them the most immersive projects that require your knowledge and skills. Taken from multiple industries, these projects thoroughly test your learning and practical knowledge from the program, helping you prepare comprehensively for all kinds of industries.

Every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

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