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With the possibilities around the future IoT development and connections, developers need to introspect these connected systems and the technologies they are built on. And what better way than starting with Embedded Systems?

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Course Overview

In our course on Embedded Systems and Development Environments, we have focused on giving you real-world coding experience and project work with ARM-based microcontrollers. As you learn how to implement the software configuration and develop embedded software technologies, you will gradually achieve a stronghold in this field.

Towards the finalization of our course, we will be concluding with a project to help you put your knowledge to the test and create your own build system and firmware to manipulate the memory.

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Course Content

- ESS SoB and SoC

- Microcontrollers Processors and CPU

- Computing Systems


- Fetch Decode Execute



- More about Memory NVRAM

- Harvard Architecture Vs Von Neumann Architecture





As you are opting for this program, we always suggest you have some prior knowledge about computer architecture. That will help you learn, understand, and implement the offerings from this program more effectively.

With this program, we are trying to help you achieve a holistic view of the embedded system stack and have a great understanding of processor architecture, instruction sets, and the associated advanced compiler optimization.

Every course that we have on our platform, we provide relevant certificates of completion with them. These certificates are authorized by relevant and top institutions and are issued only after an evaluation of your knowledge after you complete the course.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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