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Our Construction Planning training program is a specialization that has been curated for the students that want to build a career in the field. Through this specialization, we will share comprehensive industry knowledge along with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

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Course Overview

The Construction Planning and Scheduling training program will help you discover the key project scheduling techniques and procedures. These include creating network diagrams, defining the importance of critical paths in a project network, and more.

We will also be working with a lot of analytical data and building your expertise in the field of construction planning overall.

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Course Content


Introduction to Construction Planning Management

What is and What not is a project

What is Planning vs Scheduling

Minimizing risks with Goods planning

The importance of scheduling for Construction owners and Contractors

Who is a Construction Scheduler

Scheduling: Experience vs Education

Myths and Misconceptions of Scheduling

Basic Scheduling with Bar Charts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bar Charts

How to best use Bar Charts

A Brief Introduction to the Critical Path Method

The Steps for Creating a CPM Schedule

Step 1 - Breaking the Project into activities

Factors for breaking down work

Using WBS to break work down

An example for proper sizing of activities

What is an Event?

Step 2 - Estimating Durations

Step 3 - Adding logic relationships

Step 4 - Run CPM Scheduling

Step 5 - Analyzing Results

Optional Step - Resources + Cost Loading

Step 6 - Implementing the Schedule

Step 7 - Monitoring and Controlling the Project

Step 8 - Close Out

Project Schedule vs Construction Schedule

Lags and Lead time

Tips for Drawing Logic Networks

The project as a Network

Drawing Logic Networks

Proper use of Lags and Lead Time

Date Constraints and their Impacts

CPM Example

How to do a CPM Scheduling: A walkthrough example

Who owns the Float?

What is Free Float?

Defining the Critical Path

What drives Driving relationships

The End of day Convention

Applying the imposed finish date to your project

What is Negative Float?

The Impact of Calendars on CPM Scheduling

Non-Work Day and Calendars

Logic Linking Example with Finish-to-Finish Relationships

Combining S-S and F-F Relationships: An Example

Dynamic Minimum Lag: A New Relationship Type

Logic Linking Examples with Lags

Logic Relationship and Precedence Networks

Logic Linking Example with Start-to-Start Relationships

Updating Schedules with Progress

What Information is required for Updating

Schedule Updating: The Interval

Schedule Updating: Interpreting the Results

Myths and Misconceptions of Updating Schedules

What is Project Controls?

What is a Baseline?

Assessing Percent Complete of Activities and Projects

Course Wrap Up

Introduction to Revit Architecture Software

How to Use?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction to STADD.Pro

How to Use?

Advantages and Disadvantages

Assignments - 1

Assignments - 2

Assignments - 3

Floor Planning

Water Catchment Area / Rain Water Harvesting

Traffic Rotary System

Building Planning - Front Elevation, Floor Elevation





Our course is distributed over 3 months where you would have 5 classes every week.

No prior knowledge is required to start with this course.

Our projects are updated, relevant, and consist of real-world problems, making them the most immersive projects that require your knowledge and skills. Taken from multiple industries, these projects thoroughly test your learning and practical knowledge from the program, helping you prepare comprehensively for all kinds of industries.

Every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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