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Explore one of the most fascinating and fast moving technological fields with Upskillz. Our Artificial Intelligence online training program walks you through some of the most interesting learning concepts that include Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Image Processing and a lot more, all packed in a single program.

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Course Overview

Being a core feature of many businesses, Artificial Intelligence is aimed towards improving the current commercial scenario. In our course, you will learn the current and future practices of implementing AI into different technologies and enhance your understanding about the field

You will also work towards exploring the relations between AI and the human mind, and practically build your skills in the field.

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Course Content

Helps us build ML model, understand data and pre-processing, usage of Classification, regression, AzureML Cheat Sheet, Clustering and relevant case studies, Azure Cloud API.

- What is version control?

- Types of version control.

- Introduction to GIT.

- GIT lifecycle.

- Common GIT commands.

- Working with branches in GIT.

- Merging branches.

- GIT workflow.

- Introduction to data science using python.

- Python basic constructs.

- OOP’s in python.

- NUMPy for mathematical computing

- SciPy for scientific computing

- Data manipulation

- Python integration with spark

- Central tendency

- Variability

- Hypothesis testing

- Correlation

- Regression

- Supervised learning

- Unsupervised learning

- Dimensionality reduction

- Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

- Multi-layered Neural Networks

- Artificial Neural Networks and various methods

- Deep Learning libraries

- Why and when we need MLOps

- AI pipelines

- Training, tuning, and serving on AI platform

- Kube Flow pipelines on AI platform

- CI/CD for Kube flow pipelines

- Introduction to data visualization

- Architecture of Tableau

- Working with metadata and data blending

- Creation of sets

- Working with filters

- Organizing data and visual analytics

- Working with mapping

-Overview of Natural Language Processing and text mining

- Text mining, cleaning, and processing

- Text classification

- Sentence structure, sequence tagging, sequence tasks, and language modeling

- Introduction to semantics and vector space models

- Dialog systems

Understanding Image Classification, Image Analysis, Face Detection and Recognition.

Discussion of Major Project as a part of curriculum.





Upskillz’s AI online training program is a really advanced classroom environment that bridges learning with practical implementation. With this program, you will explore the entire field of Artificial Intelligence and learn what it takes to build a career in this field. After the training is complete, we also make sure to introduce you to further opportunities in the field.

Our projects are updated, relevant, and consist of real-world problems, making them the most immersive projects that require your knowledge and skills. Taken from multiple industries, these projects thoroughly test your learning and practical knowledge from the program, helping you prepare comprehensively for all kinds of industries.

Every course that we have on our platform, we provide relevant certificates of completion with them. These certificates are authorized by relevant and top institutions and are issued only after an evaluation of your knowledge after you complete the course.

Not just Machine Learning, but every course that we have, we make sure our students are equipped with tons of resources. This includes regular learning material in the form of PDFs, eBooks, case studies. Along with that, we have regular counseling and mentor sessions for every student so as to help them explore relevant opportunities in every field.

We actually do. Our platform has a variety of flexible payment plans and multiple payment options to make it easier and much convenient for you to enroll in your favorite courses.

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