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The exponentially increasing demand in the aerospace industry is about to take India to the third-largest aviation market by 2025. This demand for talent is opening a variety of employment opportunities for skilled aero designers in the country. Come join us in this training program where we build your skills in the field of aircraft design

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Course Overview

Upskillz’s course on Aircraft designing is oriented towards the designing part where the focus is ultimately on concepts such as basic aircraft components, structure, and manufacturing process.

Our course will also introduce you to the industry regulations and introduce new designers to the field and reinforce CATIA V5 skills to help them apply the same to the aerospace parts and assemblies.

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Course Content

History of Aviation and Classifications of aircraft

Components of an Aircraft and it's function

Introduction to major sub domains in Aeronautics/Aviation

Bernoulies principle, Basic forcess acting on an aircraft

Aerofoil, Forcess acting on an Aerofoil

Mach Number, Applications of aerodynamics

Types of aircraft engines

Working principle of each engine

comparision of different engines

Types of aircraft construction

Fueslage and Wing internal structural components

Materials used in aircraft

Aircraft Instruments

Avionic Systen Integration

Fly By Wire control system / Auto pilot

Different phases of flight

Aircraft Loads and V-n Diagram

Take-off and Landing distance, Range, Endurance

Conceptual Design of an aircraft

Preliminary Design of an aircraft

Detailed Design of an aircraft

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